On May 25, 2017 on the grounds of the primary school “Rade Kratovce” in the Municipality of Kocani held cycling rodeo organized by the Association for the protection and improvement of the environment and promoting the concept of “Eco-Logic” from Skopje, school sports club “Wheel” from “Rade Kratovce” from Kocani and the Center for development of East Planning Region.

The event was attended by ten (10) basic schools in the region. With the realization of the project are made more games by “Eco logic” so children can learn more about the bicycle as a vehicle.

Also promoted the bicycle as a means of transport as well as the benefits of using it. There were more than 15 different exercises developed by the team of “Eco Logic ‘and partners school” Rade Kratovce “Center for Development of East Planning Region and other companies.

The project involved around 100 pupils from V to VII grade of primary schools within the East Planning Region.