Centre for development of the East planning region

Centre for Development of East Planning Region (CDEPR) was established under the Law on Balanced Regional Development in May 2008. The headquarters of the Centre is in Local government unit with the largest number of inhabitants, in muunicipality of Shtip.

Centre for Development of East Planning Region includes (covers) 11 municipalities: Vinica, Delchevo, Zrnovci, Karbinci, Kochani, Makedonska Kamenica, Pehchevo, Probishtip, Cheshinovo-Obleshevo and Shtip and extends on an area of ​​3537 km2 ie it covers 14% of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and has 181.858 inhabitants.

The Center is a legal entity that participates in the planning of regional development, the planning documents for regional development and is responsible for expert and administrative activities of the Council for Development of the Planning Region. It is dedicated to strengthening inter-municipal cooperation and promote the development possibilities of the region, cooperates with municipalities in the region and helps in providing expert and technical assistance in the preparation of their development programs, as well as associations of citizens in the preparation of projects for regional development. Its main task is to strengthen the capacity of networks in local and rural communities, the business sector, stimulating the development of local and regional level, strengthening the principle of public private partnership and action in order to raise the quality of life.

The preservation and development of the special identity of the planning region, recognition and development is the vision and purpose of the Centre for Development of the East Planning Region.